GEMSA NT welcomes and encourages businesses and individuals providing services or supplies to, or in support of, the geological, mineral exploration and mining industries to become members of GEMSA NT. Please feel free to read through the GEMSA NT Constitution for a greater understanding of the objects and purposes of the association.

GEMSA NT Membership

How to Complete the Membership Application Form


STEP 1:  Select the category of membership

(a) Full Membership:
Full membership is available to a Territory Enterprise or to a natural person permanently residing in the Northern Territory, which is carrying on or engaged in a business, profession or industry primarily providing services or supplies directly, or incidental to the geological, mineral exploration and mining industries generally. (Refer to the GEMSA NT Constitution for the definition of a Territory Enterprise.)

(b) Associate Membership:
Associate Membership is available to any person or corporate body, carrying on or engaged in a business, profession, or industry providing services or supplies directly or incidental to or in support of the geological, mineral exploration and mining industries generally and is not otherwise eligible for Full Membership.

(c) Individual Membership:
Individual Membership is available to a natural person that does not otherwise meet the requirements of Full Membership or Associated Membership yet has significant professional experience in the geological, mining and/or mineral exploration industries generally.


STEP 2:  Select the applicable category that describes the size of the member’s business

(a) Natural Person (member is the individual, but may trade as a sole-trading business)

(b) Corporate Member with less than 10 Employees (member is the business name)

(c) Corporate Member with 10 or more Employees (member is the business name)


STEP 3:  Pay the Joining Fee and attach the remittance advice to the application

The Joining Fee must accompany the complete Membership Application Form.

Please make payment to:

Bank: ANZ Bank

Account Name: GEMSA NT

Account No: 3208-25394

BSB: 015-901

Please make reference to the Member Name when making payment and attach a copy of the remittance advice to the application form on lodgment using the file upload facility in the online form. The Membership Fee is paid later once your application for membership has been accepted by the Management Committee at the next committee meeting.


STEP 4:  Complete the contact details on the form

(a) Member Contact (the person to contact about the Membership Application)

(b) Member Details (Member details as per the category chosen, either a Natural Person or Corporate Member)

(c) Accounts Contact (the person to contact in relation to accounts)

If the same contact details apply, simply write “as above”.


What Happens Next?

Your application will be presented at the next committee meeting and if accepted, you will be advised of the acceptance of your application and invited to pay the Membership Fee to validate your membership. The Membership Fee is due annually on 1 July. Pro rata membership fees will apply to those who join during the membership year as follows:



Geological, Exploration and Mining Services Association NT (Inc)ABN 18 819 195 334

trading asGEMSA NT Supporting Mineral Explorers in Australia's Northern Territory

New member Application Form

Step 1 and 2. Membership Category Selection and Fee Description (Joining Fee and Annual Fee)
Member Category
JOINING FEE $110 $330 $330
$220 $385 $660
$165 $275 $550
$110 NA NA
Step 3. Pay the Joining Fee

Pay the Joining Fee and attach the remittance advice below

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Step 4. Complete Contact Details

Member Contact (Person to Contact About this Application)

Member Details

Are you an Territory Enterprise (NT based)?:

Are you an Indigenous Enterprise?:

Accounts Contact

Please review the form prior to submitting to ensure all the information is accurate.